Top 10 Favorite Items

1. Ringside Boxing Gloves
- high quality boxing gloves from a trusted brand. They even come in pink for the ladies!

2. Ringside Hand Wraps
- required for boxing class and they come in many different colors.

3. Nike Footwear
- Work time feels better in this line of footwear. And they look good too.

4. Under Armour Fitness Apparel
- high quality clothing and accessories to make you comfortable and looking good while working out.

5. Stability Balls
- adds difficulty to movements and incorporates the muscles of your legs, butt and abs.


6. Super Bands
- great addition to strength training and can be brought with you anywhere.

7. Power Crunch Bars
- my favorite flavor is the Cookies ‘n Cream, but most of the flavors taste just as good.

8. Muscle Milk
- tasty drink for after your work out.  Promotes lean muscle and helps you feel full longer.

9. Smart Water
- only water I’ve tasted that tastes the same cold or room temperature.

10. The Vitamin Shoppe
- great selection of vitamins, nutritional and alternative supplements.