Boxing Class Testimonials

"I've taken different classes, but Keith is by far THE BEST instructor I have met!! He brings a level of energy and love for what he does that can't be matched. To anyone who wants to get in shape and have a blast doing it, I'll see you the next session."
- Renee Lee, MD
" Working with Keith the past several years has been a privilege. He has found a way to constantly keep people fit, motivated, and coming back for more. He knows who wants to be pushed, who wants to take it to the next level, and who has simply had enough! I've learned a lot from him over the years and continue to do so with each and every session".
- Darin Crews, Boxing Class Assistant
"I have been taking this Boxing class for over a year now and the thing that keeps me coming back is not only the fact that I am learning to defend myself, but also the fact that I am getting a total body workout and makeover."
- Tala Hairston, MD
"This class has given me something to look for to every week. It's given me a passion for boxing, something I really want to pursue".
- Brooke Lee, MD, 16
"As a mother of three, I found it hard to focus on my own health because I had to take care of everyone else. Keith put together a program for me that included in-gym training, boxing classes and nutritional guidance. He was as committed to my goals as I was and he made the journey a lot of fun and very educational. Fifty pounds lighter, I was laughing my way right into a new closet of clothes and feeling more confident than ever before.
- Danielle Boucree, 40, Bowie, MD
"I've been taking Keith's class for almost three years. Keith is a great instructor who brings such a great energy to an intense workout. That's what keeps me coming back."
- Cat Gonzalez, Bowie, MD, 29
Keith challenges us to our limits everytime we come to class. We leave class tired, but so proud of what we have accomplished. Keith makes even the toughest class so much fun. Taking boxing classes with each other has strengthened our relationship even further. It allows us to spend time getting healthy together to ensure a long life with each other.
- Mike & Robin